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Complete “turnkey” solutions


1 - Consulting

From problem
to solution
  • Preliminary analysis

  • Studies and surveys

  • On-site inspection

  • Report and solution

  • Quotation

The design of an efficient plant starts with receiving reliable advice regarding production needs and objectives. The space, the capacity, the work to be done, the materials to be processed and customers’ requirements are in the first place for OMM Telando. Thanks to our long experience we know how to correctly develop the most suitable solution for the plant to overcome any kind of technical design difficulty and to satisfy all production requirements in any sector.

2 - Designing


  • Solids transport

  • Raw material processing

  • Waste treatment

  • Any sector

  • Any requirement

All OMM Telandro design plants are custom made for the customer, that is why they are often non-standard products, completely customised and unique. Our engineers design the plants and machines in every aspect, without neglecting any detail and with a design perspective aimed at continuous improvement of the product or plant created for the customer. In addition to this the company can count on a generational know-how that avoids wasting time and guarantees maximum plant performance.

3 - Construction


  • Experience since 1955

  • Made in Italy quality

  • Experienced technicians

  • Best materials

  • Modern technologies

The construction of OMM Telandro industrial machines and plants is entrusted to an internal team of highly qualified technicians. Only the best materials are used as raw material for our products and each component (electrical or mechanical) is selected among the most reliable and well-known brands in the market.

Our aim is to produce, without compromising quality, systems made to last over time and 100% Made in Italy. A goal that the company has pursued since its foundation in 1955.

4 - Integrations


  • Compactors

  • Esempio 1

  • Esempio 2

  • Esempio 3

  • Esempio 4

Over time, OMM Telandro has been able to establish strong partnerships with the best manufacturers and the most relevant production realities of our industry. Thanks to a vast network of collaborations and commercial exchanges, the company has consolidated its ability to offer the customer plants with all accessories and/or other products useful to complete the design requirements. Delivering plants finished in every component, with the advantage of having a single contact and getting the necessary integrations at prices reserved for OMM partners.

5 - Transport

Fast and

  • Worldwide shipping

  • Exceptional transports

  • Specialised couriers

  • Secure packaging

  • Insurance

The shipment and transport of the plant or machine to be assembled is a phase treated with the utmost care at OMM. This is why we rely on the most experienced, reliable and competent forwarders in the field of exceptional transports. The customer receives the goods in any corner of the world, without having to worry about anything, all logistics aspects and the most competitive shipping offers are managed and proposed by OMM Telandro and its partners for shipments, even international ones. It is also possible to insure the cargo against any unforeseen event.

6 - Installation


  • Assembly

  • Plant testing

  • Production start-up

  • Team working

  • Operational speed

OMM Telandro's specialized technicians will take care of your plant from the removal of the packaging to the final testing of the plant in the production site, bringing with them all the necessary equipment or organizing in every aspect what is needed for the installation. They can collaborate with the customer's team during the assembly phase, as well as guaranteeing with their supervision the correct setup of the machines, in order to ensure the fastest and most efficient production start-up to everyone's satisfaction.

7 - Assistance

always by
your side

  • Prompt intervention

  • Maintenance

  • Remote control

  • Spare parts

  • Revision / changes

Those who choose OMM Telandro do not buy only consulting, custom design, transport and installation of the plant. Our services continue with a targeted and quality after-sales service: ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, prompt intervention in case of serious breakdowns, supply of spare parts and availability for future modifications or overhauls. Through the remote control from the headquarters every OMM plant or machine is constantly monitored and under control.

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